Adidas miCoach SPEED_Cell Universal

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Adidas miCoach is the way to measure and improve performance. This miCoach device collects performance data and is used in conjunction with the miCoach multi-sport app to figure out where you are in your training and as a player, then help you get to where you want to be.
Now updated to be compatible with both an iPhone or Mac/PC and connects wirelessly thanks to BlueTooth technology.
Whether on field, on court, in a game or in training, your movements are captured.
Easy to use. No wires; just you, your shoes and your new SPEED_CELL.
The miCoach slides under the insole of adidas miCoach shoes and records top speed, burst speed, total distance and game-time stats.
After game or training, simply sync the miCoach with your iPhone or computer and instantly see all your data.

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